The iconic game show Jeopardy knows that hip-hop is hot topic in popular culture. For the second time this month, hip-hop has been a clue on the television program.

On a recent episode, contestants were given a hint about JAY-Z’s Grammy-nominated album 4:44. Host Alex Trebek asked the question, “4:44, the 2017 album by this rapper, debuted exclusively on the Tidal music service also owned this rapper.”

The player successfully answered, “Who is JAY-Z?”

The contestant did way better than the previous contestant who didn't quite answer his hip-hop trivia correctly. On a New Year's Day episode, a Jeopardy player named Nick was given the clue, "A song by Coolio from Dangerous Minds goes back in time to become a 1667 John Milton classic."

Nick answered, "What is Gangster Paradise Lost," which, technically, is correct but judges rescinded his answer because "gangster" and "gangsta" aren't actually the same words. In fact, they're both separate entries in the Oxford American Dictionary. Womp-Womp.

Since then Coolio has responded to the viral video of Nick's Jeopardy appearance. The veteran rapper empathized with Nick but the rules are the rules. Coolio did offered some advice to white people.

"I probably would have gave it to him," he told TMZ. "But let me explain something to you, and this is for white people. The 'e-r' will always get you in trouble. Never use the 'e-r.'"

"If you don't have to use the 'e-r,' don't use it," he continued. "That's a lesson for him... I think that it's a good lesson to never use the 'e-r.'"

Uh, okay?

Check out both Jeopardy segments above and below.

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