Last week, Timbaland boasted about being tapped to produce Jay-Z's forthcoming album, but it sounds like super-producer spoke too soon. "You know I love Timbaland, he is like a brother to me, but until the music is done it's premature," Jay said. "I'm a person that works off music. If Timbaland makes 10 great tracks then he produces the album, if Kanye West makes 10 great tracks then he produces the album; if he makes three, I'll take three. I let the music dictate the direction."

In the meantime, Timbo and Jay are both busy with upcoming projects and touring. Timbaland recently announced some big names scheduled to appear on the follow-up to 2007's successful 'Shock Value' album, including Jay, T-Pain, T.I., Rihanna and Beyonce. Hova is currently touring the globe in support of 2007's 'American Gangster' album.