Bizzle, a self-identified Christian rapper, was not too satisfied with Rick Ross and Jay-Z's recent 'Free Mason' song -- a track off Ross' 'Teflon Don' that strove to address the many accusations that both are involved in Illuminati and free mason secret societies. In a new diss track, Bizzle hops on Nas' 'Ether' beat. He mimics Jay-Z's flow and lyrics on 'Free Mason' and goes on the offensive.

"They talk about the 'Free Mason' record and they sayin' Jay denied it," Bizzle raps. "But what did he deny because to me it sounded like this/ Rumors of Lucifer/ A devil I'm, not though/ But if you listen I said he wasn't the devil on my song/ He didn't say he ain't no mason/ He said he never said it/ Put the devil on you/ Ain't nobody make you wear that sweater."

We aren't sure where Bizzle learned that wearing sweaters makes you part of a secret society. Either way, it seems that Bizzle's biggest bone of contention is not just the debunked conspiracy that all three rappers are Illuminati but that they often wear chains with crosses or make songs like 'Jesus Walks.'

Bizzle also goes hard at Ross, accusing him of identity theft. It's certainly vicious and comprehensive. Check out the track below (via HipHopWired.)

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