After MC Hammer released his Jay-Z diss track 'Better Run Run' and its accompanying video earlier this week, Jay has expediently responded to the attack. Speaking with BBC Radio 1's DJ Semtex for an interview airing on 1xtra this Friday, Hov revealed that he had no intentions of starting a lyrical battle with Hammer, claiming that he didn't know the rhymes he spit on Kanye's 'So Appalled' were controversial.

"I didn't know that was on the table for discussion. I didn't know I was the first person to ever say that. Am I? I'm not, am I? I know I've heard that before, I didn't think I was the first one to say it," said Hov. "He took it the wrong way, I didn't know it was on the table for discussion. And I didn't know that I said anything wrong!"

Jay continued by explaining how his words can often be misinterpreted, and that rhymes can be misconstrued as personal attacks. "I think that when I say things, people believe me so much that they take it a different way. It's not rap anymore at that point. Now, it's a personal attack," he stated.

He also shared that he has nothing but kind words to say about Hammer in his upcoming book, 'Decoded.' "I said some great things about him in the book I have coming out. I really said some really nice things. He's going to be embarrassed, I said some really great things about him in the book and about people's perception of him and how he's from East Oakland."

The beef stems from a line that Jay spit on 'So Appalled,' where he said, "Hammer went broke, so you know I'm on focus/ I lost 30 mil, so I spent another 30/ 'Cause unlike Hammer, 30 million can't hurt me!" Hammer released his diss this past Monday, claiming he sold his soul to the devil in exchange for success.