Jay-Z's decision to release 'D.O.A.' as the first single from the 'Blueprint 3,' his decision to bring along a 10-piece band for his recent stint at All Points West, and his decision to combine the unifying theme to create the cover art for the upcoming album lets us know that Hova means business.

It would be an understatement to say that the cover, which was officially released on his website on Monday, keeps with the rap mogul's pervasive themes of forward movement and authenticity. The finished product, a mod-artistic collection of instruments which run the gamut from a basic keyboard and turntables to an accordion and French horn are a symbol of progression on the third installment in the 'Blueprint' saga.

The two previous 'Blueprint' albums both featured the rapper's self-portrait as the cover art. The medley of all-white instruments on the new cover are layered with three red bars, which also appear in the upper right corner of the cover, suggesting a logo for the highly-anticipated album.

In addition to the cover art release on Monday, Team Supreme Music simultaneously posted what they say is the official track list for 'Blueprint 3.' As expected, a bulk of the album is produced by Kanye West, with some help from No I.D., Timbaland and co-production on one track by MGMT. Featured artists include Rihanna, Kid Cudi, Drake and Nas, who reportedly appears on a track called "Empire State of Mind." The album's September 11 release is dated eight years from the debut of the 'Blueprint.'

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