Finally, 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' is available to the general public. Following Jay-Z's epic Twitter Q&A session, he has put out 'Oceans,' his appropriately-named collaboration with Frank Ocean.

'Oceans' happens to be a song about, well, the ocean. However, the concept is not quite as corny as it might appear to be. After all, the ocean means a lot to Jay and to Frank. "This water drowned my family," the hook says, a powerful reminder of America's slavery-scarred past. Meanwhile, Jay himself ruminates on his past while analyzing the pressure that comes with being the biggest rapper in the world. The verses are accompanied by a lush beat from Pharrell featuring trumpets blaring as if a boat were giving a booming call from the ocean itself.

According to Jay, 'Oceans' was the first song recorded for the album, and was finished two years ago, around the time he was getting ready to put out 'Watch The Throne' with Kanye West. This is interesting just because on the song, he makes a reference to Billie Holliday's classic song, 'Strange Fruit.' Kanye would go on to sample 'Strange Fruit' quite prominently on his most recent work, 'Yeezus,' for the song 'Blood On Leaves.'

According to the description on Soundcloud, 'Oceans' will be the lead single off 'Magna Carta Holy Grail.' Will it have staying power on the charts? Find out in the weeks to come.

Meanwhile, with the album having hit stores today, it is also available online for streaming purposes via Spotify. Before going out and grabbing the album (or purchasing via iTunes), take a listen. Compared to the version of the album that has been circulating online since the 4th of July, this version has pristine sound quality, and the result is a richer experience.