Last week at the Greensboro, N.C. stop of the Magna Carter Holy Grail tour, Jay Z invited a young 12-year-old fan on stage to perform 'Clique.' The kid did his thing, so it's understandable when Hov did a similar gesture at his latest tour stop in Chicago. This time the fan was much older and had a plan.

Enter MC Monique, a 19-year-old rhymer who has dreams of signing a record deal. She previously rapped for Jay Z during his 'Blueprint 3' tour and had a chance to do so again in Chicago.

She didn't rap along to a song like the previous 12 year old kid. Instead, MC Monique spit an a capella freestyle after asking fans to be quiet because she was "tryna get signed tonight and s---.” To her credit, the freestyle was actually pretty decent.

Jay Z complimented her on having the courage to do so saying, “I would’ve done the same s---." He gave her a hug before sending her off the stage, without a record deal. Still it was a good moment to see.