The past two days have been a whirlwind for Jay-Z, but a new partnership ensures he'll never run out of juice.

The proud father of Blue Ivy Carter has announced a joint venture with Duracell Powermat, to be the "face and voice" of the battery company, with which has has signed a multi-year contract as an investment partner.

"I believe in the future of wireless energy and I believe that Duracell Powermat is the company to bring on the revolution," Jay-Z said in a statement. "I'm partnering with Duracell Powermat because they're providing the solutions for the future."

"Jay-Z is power personified. He inspires millions of people all over the world on a daily basis with his music and his story," explained Powermat CEO Ran Poliakine. "There is no better face or voice that can move people to adopt a new paradigm in power delivery."

Duracell Powermat will reveal their new line of wireless charging products at CES in Las Vegas, which begins today (Jan. 10), and runs through Friday (Jan. 13).

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