What Jay-Z wants, Jay-Z gets....or so he thought. The 39-year-old rapper recently performed at the "Last Smash Platinum" Bash concert -- organized and promoted by the Associated Students of the University of Arizona -- but not before leaving a hefty list of demands for his dressing room.

Jay, who was already taking home a $750,000 paycheck for the gig, requested ground transportation by way of a $400,000 1957 or 1962 model black Maybach with tinted windows. He also demanded that his dressing room be 72 degrees, stocked with two bottles of $300 champagne, one martini shaker, 12 shot glasses, Marlboro Lights, and "high quality" peanut butter and jelly. [Cue up 'Big Pimpin']

Since the university does not provide alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or Maybach's, Jay had to do without a few amenities. The show still went off without a hitch, but the concert promoters lost close to $1 million dollars due to low ticket sales.

Billed as the first concert to take place at the Arizona stadium since 1977, the 'Last Smash Platinum Bash' also featured singer Kelly Clarkson and rockers Third Eye Blind. With proceeds from the show going to the University's scholarship fund, the school's student union depended solely on ticket sales and sponsorships to garner a profit. "Basically, we'll spend the money in the hole and then offset it," student union president Tommy Bruce explained.

Unfortunately tickets sales amounted to less than 50 percent of the $1.42 million dollars it costs to make the concert happen. Bruce blamed the low sales on the current economic climate. "Nobody predicted the economy would be the way it is now last May," he said.

Jay-Z will embark on a 10-city tour, alongside singer Ciara, this summer and is said to be releasing his 'Blueprint 3' album later this year.

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