Last month, we reported on Comador, Jay Z's cigar collaboration with Cohiba and latest project. Now a new documentary shows how the collaboration came to be.

Released on Jay's own Life+Times (naturally), the video shows that the cigar is a combination of leaves that came from five countries -- Dominican Republic, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua and the U.S., particularly Windsor, Conn. From the picking of the tobacco leaves to the assembly, the documentary, which is just shy of seven minutes, shows just how each cigar is handcrafted to perfection.

"When you are going to smoke a cigar, it's a moment of relaxation," Francisco Rodriguez, general manager of General Cigar. "It's a moment of gathering. And even [if] you speak a different language or you're coming from a different country, tobacco just makes everybody [come] together."

For more information on the cigar and how to order your own set, click here.