What's better than one million dollars? One hundred billion dollars. Jay-Z was recently listed by Forbes as one of America's most likely candidates to break into the illustrious Forbes 400 this decade, alongside Tyler Perry, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Jerry Seinfeld and James Cameron.

According to Forbes
, the self-proclaimed former drug dealer is currently worth $450 million, based upon his record label Roc Nation, clothing company Rocawear, recording catalog, which returns to him in 2014, and his stake in NBA team the New Jersey Nets. Forbes predicts he'll be racking in 10-digits by 2015.

In celebration of his achievements, Jiggaman sat down with billionaire investor Warren Buffett for an hour-long video interview, which will be included in the upcoming issue of the magazine. In the interview, Jay likened his rise to wealth to Buffet's, although his success later.

"My first album didn't come out until I was 26, so I had a bit more maturity," Jay explained. "The album had all these emotions and complexities and layers that a typical hip-hop album didn't have if you were making it at 16, 17 years old. That isn't enough wealth of experience to share with the world. I had so much wealth to share with the world at that time, and I've never forgotten those things, like you say. You never forget those true things that you stick to, your basic things that make you successful."

Jay went on to compare the music industry to the stock market, claiming that both require discipline and the strength to identify and buck trends.

"I think it goes back to a bit of what Warren was saying," Jay said. "It's the discipline not to get caught up in the moment. You know, music is like stocks, too. There's the hot thing of the moment. There's this hot, electro sound, or the hot Auto-Tune voice, or the hot whatever's new and exciting. People tend to make emotional decisions based on that. They don't stick with what they know, you know, this is who I am. This is what I do. They jump on this next hot thing. And it's not for you."