A new collaborative track entitled 'Ultra' premiered this morning that finds our favorite dynamic duo Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz over a whistle-laden club beat. While both artists have suggested their future work will feature "a more worldly sound" with international influences to expand hip-hop, the new track seems more like the sort of robotic, by-the-numbers bottle-popping banger you would expect a lesser artist to buy from Swizz.

Unearthed by the Evil Empire DJ crew (the same group that leaked the superb Drake and Jay-Z track 'Light Up' off of Drizzy's 'Thank Me Later'), it's unknown if this is slated for an upcoming Jay record, a single or was merely a throw away from the past. The verses are curious as well. While the first seems solidly Jay-Z, the second actually seems clearly ghostwritten for Diddy.

"I'm ultra hot/ mixing the pineapple with coconut Ciroc," raps Jay in a puzzling approval of Diddy's flagship vodka product. "Uh, at white parties with white bitches/ fly haircuts and dyke bitches/ last train in Paris/ first stop is Harris/ don't need no baggage/ I go ultra hard/ there's no max on that mat black ultra card... me and Hov, two yachts playing bumper cars."

With the mentions of Ciroc, white parties, 'Last Train to Paris' and the phrase "me and Hov," it's hard to imagine this as an actual Jay-Z verse unless he's doing some new multi-personality thing where plugs others' products and talks to himself. Either way, it's new Jay-Z so take a listen over at Da Juz 1.