"It don't feel like home," says Jay Electronica as he walks through the post-Hurricane Katrina remains of New Orleans' Third Ward. "I know where I'm at, I know what I'm looking at, I know what's supposed to be here, but it don't feel like home. It don't feel like I'm at home, because it's not home."

In November of 2009, Jay led photographers Brian "B+" Cross and Eric Coleman of the Mochila production company on a tour of his home city of New Orleans, including the former Magnolia housing project in which he grew up. Partnering with VTech, Mochila have recently released a video documenting their walk through the devastation wrought by the one of the deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States, as well as subsequent efforts at revitalization and personal stories of survival.

"Everywhere you see an empty space, I know people from that empty space," Jay explains, lamenting the loss of community. "And where are those people? I can't explain it ... that you go home and it's not there."

Included in the video, which can be seen below, are still photos taken in the weeks following Katrina by Coleman and B+, as well as a performance by Jay Electronica during New Orleans' Voodoo Festival, where he performed an a cappella version of his 'Exhibit A.'