The first voice heard on 'Call of Duty: MW3,' the new single by hip-hop curio Jay Electronica, belongs to Winston Churchill. It's a sample from a 1940 radio broadcast in which the British prime minister urges his countrymen to, "Arm yourselves, and be ye men of valor, and be in readiness for the conflict."

While being ready for conflict is a big part of what hip-hop is about, Jay Elec spends much of this track -- which features the duo Mobb Deep -- praising falling comrades.

"Steve Jobs seen death after just retiring," the New Orleans-born MC raps. "Takes vision to build, god bless the dead/ That's Mac, that's 'Pac, that's Pun, that's Big."

Jay debuted the song late Monday (Oct. 10), the very same day he recorded it. It proves he can make music quickly, even if his debut album, 'Act II: Patents of Nobility,' has been in the works for years. Back in July, he revealed via Twitter that the long-awaited record is finished, but the Roc Nation signee has yet to set a release date.

For the time being, he's keeping the focus on 'Call of Duty,' promoting the track heavily via Twitter.

"Prodigy's opening 4 bars on CODMW3 has more swag than everything on the entire internet," he tweeted, praising his Mobb Deep guest. "Im not talking pseudo bubble gum rap."

"Im talking ancient Godbody rap with a sense of purpose from your soul and heart hip hop," he continued. "Take my word, i know rap like Obama knows racism."

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