As we approach the eight year anniversary of the death of Run-D.M.C. member, Jam Master Jay, the legendary DJ's son, Jason Mizell Jr., revealed that he is following in his father's footsteps. In an interview with NBC's New York show, Nonstop Sound, Mizell talked about his career goals and how the death of his father changed his life. "It's really strange to loose a parent, in that manner [or] in any form or way," Mizell Jr. said of his father's unsolved murder. "It was certain lessons I never got taught, loosing my father at a young age. I had to go and search for things on my own pretty much."

As a DJ himself, Mizell Jr. explained that he is not trying to hide from his hip-hop lineage, choosing to embrace his father by working under the moniker Jam Master Jayson. The 24-year-old is slowly building a name for himself in the music industry but realizes that filling his father's shoes is a huge undertaking. "My father did so much, he was ground breaking. They [Run-D.M.C.] did everything first. Who can measure up to something like that?"

"It's lots of DJs in this world," he continued. "My father made a lot of people wanna [DJ] but you know it still takes time for me. Last week I did B.B. Kings, that's one of the biggest hip-hip clubs in New York right now." Despite being new to the game, Mizzell Jr. has booked some pretty impressive gigs, as the opening act for Funk Master Flex and DJ Cassidy.

Jam Master Jay was shot and killed inside a Queen's recording studio on October 30, 2002. Although the other shooting victim and witness to the murder, Urieco Rincon, survived a wound to the ankle, Jay's murder remains unsolved.

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