The saying that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree continues to be affirmed every time Jaden Smith, son of that actor guy also known as the Fresh Prince, steps in front of a camera, or in this case, a microphone.

But make no mistake about it, Jaden is far from a retread of his bloodlines brand of music, instead building his own sound and putting forth a vibe that is unique and true to himself.

Picking up where he left off with the second edition of his 'Cool Tape' series, Jaden presents his latest project, 'This Is the Album,' a quick-strike EP consisting of three tracks. On 'Weekend in Atlantis,' the artist directs his lyrics to the girl he's seeing -- on the side. "Who am I? This is my anthem, this is my anthem, my baby, please don't throw a tantrum / I love if you dancin', I love if you dancin', my baby, you know I'm a Cancer / Emotional, if I don't know oh you should know where I'm supposed to go, out in the open / Exposed, take off my clothes," he sings.

Full of zany references and refreshing subject matter, the effort plays as an excursion through the mind of Jaden, who raps and wails on top of the sparse production with impressive results.

Listen to Jaden Smith's 'This Is the Album'

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