Jaden Smith is known for putting out some weird and sometimes cryptic tweets. However, when he took to Twitter last night (Sept. 29), he had something a bit more substantial up his sleeve.

Using his sister Willow's Soundcloud site, he posted a new song called 'Blue Ocean,' which shows off more than just his skills as a rapper. With Justin Timberlake's 'Blue Ocean Floor,' off his 'The 20/20 Experience Part 2' LP as the melody, he sings his heart out at the top of the track.

"Don't tell me you cried / 'Cause I know that you did it / Don't tell me you love me / I just know I'm just trippin," Smith croons.

But being a rapper at heart, he attacks the track with conviction -- telling the story of a girl who played him.

"Man, I met a girl at Coachella / I like her but you know I couldn’t tell her / 'Cause she has her own fella / And I met her blow dealer / He told me he was a whole seller / And I'm fly as propellers / And it's raining umbrellas," he delivers on the mic.

While the actor-turned-artist seems to be challenging his inner Eminem with the power he puts into each lyric, it's a lengthy one at seven minutes.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Listen to Jaden Smith's 'Blue Ocean'