Jadakiss' youthful looks and fairly steady stream of music makes some fans forget that its been 13 years since he debuted on Bad Boy Records with his group the LOX. Now, Jadakiss is prepping to release an official mixtape, 'I Love You,' on May 24. The Yonkers rapper spoke with Vibe magazine about keeping fans satiated with as much new music as possible as a key to longevity in the rap game.

"Times have changed," Jadakiss said of leaking new music to the Internet. "You almost have to put your whole s--- out for them to buy it. You see that with Kanye, with everybody. You got to leak s---, that's the new s---. If they like it, they'll buy it anyway. But that's what it is now. You have to do that because so much s--- is coming out every day, you'll get swept under the rug before you know it. You have to stay in their ears, on their computer screens, in their iPods, iPads, MacBooks. You got to be there and the only way to be there is to let it out. You have to be in it to win it."

Jadakiss' last proper album, and his first on Def Jam, was 'The Last Kiss' in 2009. Besides plans to reach a million followers on his @TheRealKiss Twitter account (he only has about 750,000 more to go) while stepping up his viral marketing plans, Kiss is also staying on track with his acting aspirations.

"I just did a little part in a movie in Philly over the last month, called 'Must Be the Music' written and directed by Charles 'Roc' Dutton," revealed Kiss. "Black Thought is in it, Snoop from 'The Wire,' Kat from 'The Bad Girls Club,' one of the Atlanta Housewives. It should be a pretty good movie."

Watch Jadakiss' 'Can't Stop Me'
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