Rapper J-Lie calls on Dip Set capo Jim Jones for an assist on "Get It on the Low", a single from his forthcoming mixtape, Ears First, Hearts Next, due later this month.

"I am here to get the attention of your ears first and then your heart next," J-Lie says of the project. "'Get It on the Low' is the start of that mission. Everything I have been through prior to get to this point almost doesn't count. Welcome to my world."

Raised in both L.A. and Atlanta, the South African-South Korean entertainer showcases both his rhyming and crooning talents in the visuals, which take place in various locations from rooftops to clubs.

"The city tatted on my chest/ No Vinny but my entourage on Turtle's neck/ Chokehold, on top, never sittin' middle/ Two hands on that... no double dribble," he raps.

The former athlete is prepping for an upcoming Brazilian tour and dates in Japan this summer.

Watch J-Lie's "Get It on the Low" Video Feat. Jim Jones

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