While fans await the release of J.Cole's Roc Nation debut 'Cole World: The Sideline Story,' the North Carolina MC has dropped the first episode of his YouTube series "Cole Summer."

In the humorous clip, Cole takes viewers behind the scenes on a trip to a music shop, where he attempts to play a little fiddle, sawing out a creaky version of Pachelbel's 'Canon in D Major' on a tiny violin. Next, the rapper brandishes a toy gun backstage. "Right after violin practice, I'm a go grab my s---," Cole quips, aiming the toy pistol. "Kept this in my violin case n----, this s--- right here. Grab my violin, I left it at school cause I ain't practice."

Though the toy gun eventually gets confiscated by a security guard, in an incident one onlooker refers to as "black-on-black crime," the video continues with a personal conversation between Cole and Roc Nation honcho Jay Brown, who refers to the young artist as "incredible."

"J. Cole's the first hip-hop artist that Jay [Jay-Z] signed to Roc Nation, now we on 15, 16... that's incredible," Jay Brown says. "Now all we gotta do is make sure he put out his album this year, which I think he's gonna do. It sounds like a September release."

"I'm excited," Cole told the BoomBox of the upcoming album, which drops September 27, 2011. "It's just a new way of rapping, like soul ... playing cool. I'm trying to make that popular ... I can toot my own horn when I say that I have something special."

'Cole World: The Sideline Story,' hits shelves on Sept. 27. In the meantime, be on the lookout for future Cole Summer YouTube clips. Hopefully, he leaves the violin playing to Miri Ben-Ari.

Watch J. Cole Play the Violin