J. Cole on Jay-Z's membership in the Illuminati: "I'm a conspiracy theorist. I believed those videos," Cole explains in a recent interview. "Then you meet [Jay] and you see how things were and you like, 'Nah, man. That's bogus.' That's somebody who's so far away from the truth and what's actually happening, just creating something. They're probably high." This from the guy who just spoke at Harvard... [YouTube]

Macklemore has made a video for an anti-homophobia campaign. "Don't let being gay hold you back, and if you're straight, do not hold others back ... Anti-gay language has no place in sports, or music. If you can play, you can play." [MTV]

Juicy J has released an official remix for Passion Pit's synth-ballad "Constant Conversations." Weird. Not the worst thing ever. [Fader]

Questlove of The Roots is releasing a memoir. Mo' Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove hits shelves June 18. That's pretty cool. [AllHipHop]

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