He may be a star in the making as the freshest face in rap's biggest crew, TDE, but Isaiah Rashad hasn't forgot his roots just yet.

The Chattanooga, Tenn., rapper returns to his humble beginnings in the video for his warming collaboration with fellow label newbie SZA, 'Ronnie Drake.'

In Fredo Tovar and Scott Fleishman's sharp, black-and-white film, 21-year-old Isaiah introduces us to his neighborhood, homies and his beloved beat-up Nissan Silvia, which he told us all about in Myspace's 'ONETWOWATCH' feature. Showing that he's really got love for his peoples, Rashad even lets us meet his family.

'Ronnie Drake' provides an early preview of Isaiah's upcoming debut mixtape, 'Cilvia' -- a nod to his aforementioned whip -- which is set to drop sometime next month. His first official single, 'I Shot You Down,' will also appear on the project. An Isaiah Rashad/Kendrick Lamar collaboration would be nice, too (hint, hint).