Oh boy. So we’re gonna talk about Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks. One seems to have talent, even while seeming to self-sabotage her career. The other…Man I don’t want to get in trouble for this.

Female rappers have been getting the short end of the magic stick ever since Angie Martinez started rapping. We used to have MC Lyte, Roxanne Shante, Lauryn Hill, Bahamadia, Apani B Fly. These women didn’t sell themselves with sex. They rapped just as well as the boys did, so their sexuality was put to the side. Now, either most female rappers aren’t good enough to do that, or old, white, horny label executives don’t care: they wanna see some ass anyway.

Iggy’s got ass. I wanted to avoid it but god damn they must eat good down there in Australia. I watched an entire behind-the-scenes video of her new joint with Charli XCX WITH THE AUDIO OFF just to peep the body movements (spoiler: mildly disappointing).

Now people are gonna say, “look at this chauvinist asshole. Would he ever talk about Gucci Mane’s ass? NO!” You’re right. I might talk about Gucci Mane’s gut, but not about his tucchus. You know why? Because Gucci can rap his ass off (and the gut is unavoidable). Iggy can’t rap her ass off. S--t, I wouldn’t want her to. But there’s been nothing special about this chick from the get-go. The song that made her splash was “Pu$$Y,” supposedly because she was brash enough to make that word the title of her song, seeing how the song itself is pretty wack. Then she released her ‘Glory EP,’ which featured Mike Posner, and if you feature Mike Posner, you’re telling me that you don’t want to be taken seriously as a rapper.

Azealia Banks is different. She shot out the gate with an undeniable smash hit that still cranks if you blast it right now. ‘212’ was so good that it had people considering she could change rap music. For years, many have tried to blend rap with electronic music, but Azealia strolled right in and did it perfectly on her first at-bat.

The sad part is that she’s yet to replicate that. Numerous singles have flopped, even one with The Invincible Pharrell (which, by the way, was remixed to it’s fully insane potential by Kaytranada), and all that’s seemed to be keeping her name afloat is the unfortunate Twitter beefs that she riles up at random. Forbes recently wrote how Azealia has been making bills on tour without even having an album out, so you have to respect her. But everyone, even the label, is wondering – where’s the next ‘212’?

It’s unfair to expect it. Like many blog stars, her ascent was so quick that it seemed like there might not be enough gas in the tank to fuel the ascent. ‘1991’ is a dope jam, but nothing is connecting like her first scorcher, which might prove to be more of a curse than a gift down the road. Still, the girl can rap. Just because she hasn’t replicated the success of that single doesn’t mean she should be ignored, and just because she’s a rabble-rouser on social media doesn’t mean her music suffers. She still has a chance to make a difference as an innovative MC.