Iggy Azalea is back with the new song "Switch," featuring Anitta, which is the second single from her forthcoming LP Digital Distortion. This time around, the 26-year-old decided to go the pop route, presumably trying to achieve the same success that she captured with songs like "Fancy."

The hook is pretty memorable too, which isn't surprising since that's what pop hooks are supposed to be, right?

"Red light, yellow light, green light, switch / This is about the time you recognize I'm that b---- / This is all that sauce your mama said you couldn't get / Red light, yellow light, green light, switch," goes the chorus.

Lyrically, Iggy delivers lines of braggadocio in her usual contrived American accent, even though people have blasted her for doing it.

"Me and my boo on a worldwide hustle / You don't know what it is when I flex that muscle / I don't even know what a real one do / Talk that talk, I can back it up too," she spits.

You can check the song here and look out for Digital Distortion to drop later this year.

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