Since Iggy Azalea had to perform twice at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (May 18), it only made sense for 'Fancy' and her collaboration with Ariana Grande, 'Problem,' would be done back-to-back.

The set kicked off with those distinct bouncey bars that introduce the beginning of 'Fancy.' Azalea takes us to the football field with a team of cheerleaders behind dressed in their uniforms with "Fancy" written across their chests. To stand out, the Aussie rapper and her partner on this track, Charli XCX, were dressed in black and white plaid cheerleader outfits with red trim and 'rebel' written on them.

With the team behind them doing flips and jumps, the duo owned the song as they usually do. With the song doing so well on the charts and in radio, some may have wished that the song wasn't cut short. But the show had to make sure Ariana got her time in the spotlight.

As Iggy and Charli went off stage, the saxophones blared, and the "football field" turned into a '60s mod party. Keeping with the black and white theme, Ariana wore black and white patent leather dress and knee high platform boots to match and entering the stage in a go-go dancer cage.

Even though we see her showing her sexier and more grown side, her sleek ponytail and simply made up face still proved that she's still super sweet opposed to a full-on sexpot. However, one can't deny Grande's voice. As she got down with the choreography, she made sure to have just enough breath to belt out those high notes.

Meanwhile, without a costume change, Azalea runs in and goes straight into her verse. And while the collaboration between the R&B/pop princess and the 'Work' rapper was a little awkward, the two played off each other well.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images