Iggy Azalea took a tumble while performing at a MTV Video Music Awards benefit concert in Los Angeles on Friday night (Aug. 22).

While the Aussie rapper was performing her hit single 'Fancy,' she moved a couple of steps backwards and fell off the stage backwards. In a Vine video, you can actually hear several audience members gasp when Azalea disappeared from the stage.

However, the 'Work' rapper was a good sport and continued to rap the lyrics to her chart-topping song alongside Charli XCX.

Afterward, Azalea reportedly told the crowd she felt "very blessed" that she did not break her legs. She then went on Instagram to laugh off the embarrassing moment. She even allowed her friend to reenact her fall for her followers.

Obviously, Azalea is taking the incident in stride and we are happy that she's okay.

"Thank you so much SLS Las Vegas & Pepsi for having me tonight. Wishing you continued success," she wrote.

Below are more videos of Iggy Azalea's tumbling off the stage from different angles.