After having a very turbulent 2016, Iggy Azalea is back with her new single and video, "Mo Bounce."  Overall, the single is light-hearted and dance friendly, and the video shows the Aussie spitter twerking, shaking and jiggling from start to finish.

She also wears a bevy of sexy costumes, like a pink meshed colored body suit, hip-hugging shorts and a leotard outfit with the stomach cut out. Clearly, at least for this video, Iggy has gone the sex-symbol route. As far as the lyrics, she seems a lot sharper than her previous songs, in terms of cadence, wordplay and breath-control.

"Bounce like a motherf----n' '64, sick flow / Slick talk, spittin' that Crisco / Drop that sh-- like a Cholo at the dub show / Can you hit the switch and pick it up and the let world know?" she rhymes.

The video was directed by Lil Internet, who said he could sense Iggy's passion during the shoot.

"Just talking to her and getting to know her, she has been through crazy, crazy, sh--," he told Complex. "She's so cool and so genuine about her work and so honest about what she's doing and so genuinely just into it ... I can't speculate what it's gonna do, but I'll tell you one thing: I know that this is her doing what she wants to do and expressing herself in a genuine way with music and a video that she was excited about and wanted to make."

You can check it out above.

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