Looks like one of The BoomBox's Artists to Watch in 2012 has found a love interest that shares his penchant for rapping the spoken word.

Harlem representative A$AP Rocky, known for his intriguing hit 'Peso' as well as his recent signing to RCA Records, is reportedly dating Australian-born, Los Angeles resident rapper Iggy Azalea.

According to Vibe.com, the 21-year-old 'Ignorant Art' creator is involved in a romantic relationship with the buzzworthy MC. Azalea sparked rumors when she recently tattooed A$AP Rocky's latest mixtape title, 'Live, Love, A$AP,' on her fingers -- her own upcoming debut album, 'The New Classic,' is inked on her other hand.

"I love him and that's all there is to it," the blonde-haired entertainer revealed. "We have our own thing going on and I'm not the only one that [got the tattoos]. I'll tell you that. [Laughs] I'm just the only one with it on my fingers!"

She went to explain that she met A$AP through producer Chase N. Cashe, known for his work on Eminem and Lil Wayne's track 'Drop the World.' A$AP Rocky hasn't confirmed his relationship with Azalea to the public yet, but by her remarks it seems he has some permanent ink of his own dedicated to the 'P----' rapper.

Watch 'Learn About the History of Rap'

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Learn About the History of Rap

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