Rapper Hussein Fatal, a founding member of the Tupac Shakur-led rap group the Outlawz, has reportedly died in a deadly car accident on Saturday (July 11). He was 38 years old.

Although details are scarce, the news of Fatal’s passing was confirmed by the group on their social media accounts. “Rest in Paradise our brother Hussein Fatal he passed away in a car accident. Pray for his family & kids at this time!” read a tweet via their Twitter account.

Fellow Outlawz members Napoleon and EDI also confirmed the death on their Facebook pages.

Fatal, born Bruce Washington Jr., was a dear friend to Tupac Shakur who made his rap debut on the late rapper's All Eyez on Me double album. Fatal also famously appeared with 2Pac on the blistering Biggie diss song "Hit 'Em Up" in 1996.

During his rap career, Fatal released four solo albums, including his 1998 debut effort, In the Line of Fire. He also recorded three projects with the Outlawz and three efforts with fellow Outlawz member Young Noble.

Last year, the Outlawz reunited to record a song called "Karma," which featured Snoop Dogg.

Fatal is the third member of the group to die. Yaki Kadafi (aka Yafeu Akiyele Fula) was murdered in 1996, following Shakur's unfortunate death.

We want to send our heartfelt condolences to Hussein Fatal's family and friends. May he rest eternally in peace.

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