Hurricane Katrina may be known for ravishing the city of New Orleans, but it's also being blamed for stopping Lil Wayne from taking a paternity test. Weezy is being sought as the possible father of an unidentified 8-year-old boy, and according to the illegitimate child's grandmother, the rapper would've been required to take a DNA test years ago were it not for the catastrophic natural disaster.

Following the boy's birth in 2002, the grandmother claims she "tried multiple times" to reach out to Wayne but to no avail due to the hurricane. A lawyer in the case, revealed that the courts moved at a slow pace in tracking Wayne down, and several documents were destroyed by the massive flooding brought on by the hurricane.

When the grandmother finally obtained another order for a paternity test, the Grammy winner was locked away serving an eight month sentence at New York's Rikers Island. Now that he's out, he has been ordered to take the test. As previously reported, a Missouri woman, claims to have conceived the child with Wayne back in 2002. If he is found to be the child's father, the youngster will add to the rapper's brood which currently stands at four children. His oldest daughter, Reginae, 13, is with ex-wife Antonia Carter, plus three sons with three other women, including actress Lauren London.

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