Young Money artist HoodBaby recruited Quavo, Chris Brown, Gudda Gudda and his boss Lil Wayne for the song "Flexing," off his new mixtape Kitchen 24: Slangin Off Key.

Weezy spits first.

"I'm too sexy for your sh-- / I don't take flexing from no b---- / And my new b---- don't give me no lip / And when she do she give me both lips / She ride it like a road trip," he rhymes.

Afterwards, Brown delivers the hook — which he's pretty much a master at — followed by Quavo, who's been doing a slew of solo guest features lately.

"All of my b---- be bad / Fifty percent of 'em plastic / No I'm not going out sad / Came from the fire like a dragon," raps the Migos member.

Then Hood comes in to close things out.

"Got a Ghost and a Wraith, call me Ghost Wraith Killah / Call me Ghostface Killa, cash rules everything around me / I was a real n---- when you found me / I f--- them then I get them from around me," he says.

You can listen to the track below and stream HoodBaby's Kitchen 24: Slangin Off Key mixtape here.

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