Producer Hit-Boy, known most notably for crafting the thriving "N----s in Paris" beat for Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne album, can now also be labeled a rapper. The versatile G.O.O.D. Music signee released his first song as a solo artist, aptly titled "Jay-Z Interview."

Produced by Bink, the track was unveiled during a video premiering on Hit-Boy's website, The visuals open up with Hov welcoming the producer-rapper onstage during the Watch the Throne tour. "By the way, it's only one person touched this stage and I think he deserves it," Jay-Z said.

"Jay-Z Interview" finds Hit-Boy rhyming about his life in the limelight and time on the come-up.

"They try to charge me with a flgarant but I will not stop/ They try to Derek Fisher the boy but I will not flop/ Instead I take 'em bassline like Kobe/ And I play my own drums and basslines you know me, homie/ I'm gettin courted by the bosses/ The 'Yes, the Hovs... and all them n----s who's notorious for flossin'/ Prone to be in places these n----s aint never heard of/ I fucked women and watched thrones up in the Mercer," he spits.

In an interview with, the California native explained his thoughts on releasing a record as a rapper rather than producer. "I'm going to put it out, let it float around and just see what it is," Hit-Boy revealed.

Watch and Listen to Hit-Boy's New Song "Jay-Z Interview"

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