Nelly has always been a hip-hop savant and a wordsmith of sorts. Four years ago, the St. Louis, Mo., native taught fans the meaning behind some of the key words in his vocabulary when he starred in "Nelly's St. Louis Hip-Hop Slang" on our sister site Spinner. His slang included gems like "derrty," "finna" and "y'her me." Take a listen to his past albums -- Country Grammar, Sweat and 5.0, among them -- to understand how he uses the terms in his lyrics.

These days, the rap star, born Cornell Haynes, Jr., has a more extensive selection of words to choose from when crafting rhymes or speaking to members of his entourage. Take "marry" for instance. Nelly delivers a refreshing meaning of the word on his single, "Marry Go Round," featured on his forthcoming seventh album, M.O.

Take a seat as Professor Nelly offers a lesson in hip-hop slang with "marry." Class is in session.

Watch Hip-Hop Slang With Nelly

Produced by Kelly Mahan, Graphics by Miguel Mir

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