SNL star, Leslie Jones officially has the support of The Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. Yesterday, (August 25), Clinton tweeted a heartfelt message to the actress after a ruthless hacker revealed sensitive information from her personal files. The culprit then took to twitter spewing all kinds of racial slurs to add further humiliation. A furious Hillary Clinton tweeted, “@Lesdogg, no one deserves this — least of all someone who brings us so much joy. I’m with you. –H.”

The hacker spread nude photos of the comedian as well as personal documents such as screenshots of her California driver’s license and her passport. The photos included selfies of Jones posing with various celebs including Rihanna, 50 Cent, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The series of nude photographs included one of her entire body in a bathroom, while another showed a topless Jones lying on a bed while licking her lips. But the cruelty did stop there.

At the top of jones site, was a "tribute video" to the late Cincinnati Zoo gorilla Harambe who was shot and killed in May when a boy fell into its enclosure. Jones’ site was taken down shortly following the hack. Reportedly, Homeland Security has just opened an investigation into the matter.

Since her starring role in the Ghostbusters, reboot back in June, Jones has been consistently harassed on Twitter by racists cyber bullies who apparently hated the film and apparently, Jones' role in it. On July 19, she attempted to quit Twitter.

“I leave Twitter tonight with tears and a very sad heart. All this cause I did a movie. You can hate the movie but the s–t I got today…wrong," she tweeted.

Days later she expressed how she just couldn't stay away and was back on Twitter. She even reached out to Twitter in an effort to curb the constant bullying. In one of her recent statements about the matter, she said she felt “numb” after seeing the recent racist comments and hatred flood her timeline.

Thankfully, the very public and controversial breach of privacy has become a federal case.


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