Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King, Jr. could walk. King walked so Barack Obama could run for president. Obama's running so Migos could fly -- with that Drake co-sign. The rap trio's member Migos is soaring high today (April 2) on his 24th birthday.

Like ILOVEMAKONNEN and the Weeknd, Migos benefited heavily from the Drake co-sign. Would "Versace" have blown up if it didn't pass Drake's ears? We will never know, but regardless, we're living in a post-"Versace" society. Migos' breakout single wasn't notable only because of its technically aerobatic ode to materialistic indulgence. There were so many imitators. And many freestyles. So, so many freestyles.

Despite the praise, Migos still had mixed feelings because of Drake's attachment to "Versace." "It was a gift and a curse," said Quality Control Music co-founder Pierre "Pee" Thomas in their FADER cover story. "Sometimes I really wish he had never jumped on it -- it was gonna blow without him."

But the crew are fully developed enough as personalities to stand on their own. A penchant for making hits helped out, too. Migos followed up "Versace" with the mixtape, No Label 2, which spawned the absurd, but catchy hit, "Fight Night."

Although it doesn't look like Migos will go their separate ways anytime soon (they're relatives, after all), it's Quavo whose broken out as the fan favorite for many. The Migos flow is often traced back to him. He's also the member who got robbed of his chain by Chief Keef's GBE crew, prompting him to release the chest-bumping diss track "Tha Truth" ("Put 'em on the menu, put 'em on the plate, 'cause Quavo wanna make an order"). It's all water under the bridge now, and at 24, Quavo has a whole career and a debut album ahead of him.

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