Mary J. Blige is a musical icon. The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul has been dropping hits since 1992, when she burst onto the scene with "Real Love." From the very beginning, Mary represented a specific kind of R&B for a specific generation; she grew up as immersed in hardcore hip-hop as she'd been in classic soul. New Jack Swing artists were the first to combine hip-hop production to R&B's melodies; but with Blige, a new era began.

It's been a long time since What's the 411? made her a star, and Mary J. Blige has gone from round-the-way girl to legendary pop diva. And she's done it all by remaining true to who she is; and allowing the world to share in her ups and downs as a person and as an artist. For that, we'll always have love for MJB.

So in celebration of her 46th birthday, check out some classic videos from throughout Mary J. Blige's career.


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