Every day is a good day to offer BasedGod your blessings. However, he is a human being. Like most human beings, he has a birthday. That day is today (Aug. 17). Lil B turns 27.

Lil B is a rap philosopher. The Oakland personality had decent success when he was a member of The Pack in 2006. But Lil B was too big for a rap group, though. By 2012, he was enthralling fans with his borderline absurd lyrics and atonal, off-beat rhyming. Some said he was novelty; "Wonton Soup" was just going to last a few months. Others proclaimed him a star; he released dozens of mixtapes for free -- he earned it. But while all the criticism was being laid out, Lil B was giving out lectures at NYU, beefing with Joey Bada$$ and had a cult that featured millions of Twitter followers. No one can give a concise, definitive of what the Based lifestyle is, but it's ubiquitous.

When Lil B rose to mainstream consciousness he hit his peak, but he hasn't become irrelevant since. He's still been getting attention thanks to the BasedGod Curse, which has prevented Kevin Durant and James Harden from winning championships. Lil B also proved he could rap if he tried. He went from making a dance (cooking, which has the same deceptive difficulty as a guitar: easy to pick up, hard to master) to making "No Black Person Is Ugly," an honest ode to self-love.

The rapper isn't stopping any time soon. He recently released a new mixtape with Chance The Rapper simply called Free (Based Freestyles Mixtape).

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