There are plenty of artists who have risen from being a well-known songwriter to being a successful solo artists. Eric Bellinger, a Los Angeles native, might be one of the latest. The man who helped penned many hits for the likes of Rihanna, Brandy and Beyonce turns 29 today (May 18).

Bellinger was originally part of the Writing Camp collective, a songwriting team founded in 2007. They've written numerous songs for a wide range of artists. However, their lone Billboard Hot 100 song was with, of course, Rihanna. "SOS" was her first No. 1 hit and was one of the many early career records that proved she was a star.

Teams often have at least one member break out for solo success and the Writing Camp is no different. Bellinger has been putting out projects for years. He even did the old-school pop standard of releasing a holiday album.

It's clear that he has a bit of charisma judging from his 2014 mixtape, Choose Up Season. But mixtapes are only the warm up. Cuffing Season, his new album, is slated to drop this year, but exactly when depends on timing.

"If something happens … For example, Jay Z says Eric Bellinger is the next kid and everybody starts sticking for me, boom, album is gonna come out the next day," Bellinger said in an interview with The Boombox. "You know what I mean. You never really gonna know what’s going to happen nowadays. You just have to be ready. You have to be completely overly ready to put the project out at any minute."

Well, fans will be waiting.

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