Cassie was a singer with a decent ear for hits. The model-turned-singer-turned-model-turned-singer turns 31 years old today (Aug. 26).

Cassie's face become known at the age of 14 when she modeled for local department stores and Seventeen. She then appeared on the video for Mario's hit "Just A Friend."

Her modeling career continued until she met songwriter Ryan Leslie when she frequented clubs in New York. The two co-wrote a duet that eventually got Cassie signed to a management deal with Tommy Mottola. "Me & U" came in 2005, and after becoming a hit in Germany, Diddy came knocking to get her signed with Bad Boy Records. She did and "Me & U" became a hit over in the States by 2006.

"Long Way 2 Go" was a sleeker follow-up, but Cassie didn't have much music success afterward. Her last mixtape, RockaByeBaby, displayed some artistic growth, but it didn't gain that much traction with the audience.

Of course, Cassie has had her name in headlines thanks to being Diddy's girlfriend. But she made her return to music last month with a catchy new single called “Love a Loser,” featuring G Eazy, which Diddy dropped on OVO Sound Radio. On it, Cassie talks about leaving her partner and being done with all of his foolishness.

“I’d rather lose a lover than to love a loser / Everything you did I wouldn’t do it to you / Got my vision clear so now I’m seeing through you / Writing you a letter, I’ma send it to you / Used to put it on ya like the Kama Sutra / Ain’t no looking back, I’m like the new Medusa / Got you on a Sunday screaming Hallelujah,” she sings.


Listen to Cassie's "Love a Loser” featuring G-Eazy:


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