Hammer has responded to Jay-Z's recent statement that his alleged Hammer diss on "So Appalled" was taken out of context. "To me it's not a good question for a cat that's from the streets," Hammer explained. "I'm going to use an analogy to make things simple. If I walk past 5 dudes who call me a sucka and the 5th dude tries and gets knocked out, he can't be mad at me - he should be mad at the other 5 for not telling him I'm not a punk and getting him knocked out." Hammer went on to admonish Jay, recommending that he take his threats more seriously. "Them dudes lied to you man, they didn't tell you about the other dudes that got knocked out. So what you need to do, on the real is check my track record in this business. If you go back to my active period, I've never let no one say my name and not address it - ever!" We're so confused. [HipHopWired]

Will Ferrell talked about the early days of his kleptomania recently. "I played a lot of Monopoly as a child - and by myself. I don't know how that works out, but I would play Monopoly, and I kept running out of $500 bills. They don't give you a lot of $500 bills. And my local drug store, they sold individual packs of extra Monopoly money, and there was a pack of $500s, and I, as, like, a little kid, I shoplifted an extra pack of $500 bills for my Monopoly set." That't cool, man. [MTV]