As the Halftime Show gets ready to celebrate their 15th Anniversary with a party at Le Poisson Rouge, the show revisits its storied history.

College radio was the centerpiece of New York City's hip-hop scene for decades, and still remains a vibrant part of the underground community. WNYU's Halftime Radio Show was started by Lynn Gonzalez, DJ Eclipse, and DJ Riz in 1998. The show has remained a fixture every Wednesday night from 10:30PM - 1:00AM on 89.1FM, bringing through emerging talent and seasoned underground acts. Guests have ranged from Immortal Technique and Aesop Rock to 50 Cent and Eminem.

In this video, Eclipse, Riz, and Stretch Armstrong discuss the show's impact in New York City and how much they enjoyed watching the growth of artists over the years. The video jumps between clips of interviews and freestyles, showing artists such as Royce da 5'9", Akinyele, and the Alchemist, among many others. Perhaps the highlight of the video, however, comes when Rhymefest gets on the microphone and starts rapping the first verse of Kanye West's iconic song, 'Jesus Walks.' Rhymefest would go on to win a Grammy for his work on the song, and clearly took pride in this verse.

Tonight at Le Poisson Rouge, the Halftime Show will be celebrating their anniversary with DJ sets from Eclipse, Riz, Stretch Armstrong, and the legendary DJ Premier. Check out the flyer below.