Not many bands can get away with bringing a penis out on stage without fear of arrest, but for Gym Class Heroes, their extra member at Britain's Leeds festival last Friday simply made things a bit saucier. During their half-hour festival opener, frontman Travis "Schleprok" McCoy, introduced a plaster-cast of the appendage, claiming it was actually mold in his own image, before handing it off to an, um, lucky festival-goer. With an insider swearing it was actually from a local radio station, Popeater, sought to find out the truth backstage.

"I have no idea where that came from," guitarist Disashi Lumumba-Kasongo and bassist Eric Roberts both exclaimed emphatically. And no, they said, the band won't be re-working said statue into their routine in the future, especially when they hit next month's MTV VMAs.

Gym Class Heroes are however thrilled at their two nominations, including Best New Artist, and of course, just being able to attend the event. "You watched it as a kid growing up," Lumumba-Kasongo sighed as thoughts of Howard Stern's Fartman, Madonna and Britney's smooch, and more danced through his head.

While the group worked out their festival setlist, they already have a list of people they plan to meet. "I really want to go up to Ivanka Trump and see if she remembers me," gushed bassist Eric Roberts, who claims to have once brushed shoulders with The Donald's daughter. "She'll be like 'No!' 'Who are you?'" Roberts has another person on his to-meet list too -- potential VMA opener, Britney Spears.

"I wanna watch her from afar and see if she does anything crazy," he smiled.

As for Lumumba-Kasongo, he'll be cruising backstage for stars of a more classic variety. "I want to meet a real rock star and see if they are [down to earth] and cool," he said noting he wouldn't mind an introduction to Dave Navarro or Tommy Lee in the future.