Violence erupted at an East St. Louis nightclub early Sunday (April 3), following a performance from rapper Webbie.

According to local newspaper the Belleville News-Democrat, a security guard was wounded in the melee which started out as a fight between patrons, and ended with gunfire erupting inside the venue. Forty officers were called to the scene in response to 911 calls of shots being fired, resulting in the crowd running into the streets.

"A rapper was in town and was at the club," said Detective Michael Floore, who reported that police received a call of an altercation at approximately 4:30AM. "A fight broke out inside. There were two security guards inside. At this time it appears that one guard was using his weapon on a patron that he was fighting with. And the gun went off striking the other security guard."

Due to the large crowds, several officers were called in from neighboring Fairmont City and Caseyville, Ill. Police were reportedly upset that there were between 20,000 to 25,000 people in the city Friday night, with only three officers on duty due to budget cuts. Apparently the city is having problems with crowd control, as two other fights broke out in two different clubs on the same night. East St. Louis Mayor Alvin L. Parks denied claims that he will be closing clubs early in an attempt to curb the violence but noted that the location would temporarily lose its liquor license while the incident is being investigated.

Webbie has not released a statement on the matter.

Watch Webbie's 'I Miss You'

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