Fresh off a stint behind bars, Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane is right back in the saddle, snatching Oakland's own V-Nasty along for the ride. On Thursday evening (Dec. 15), the two artists met up at Club Life in Atlanta to film the video for their lead single, 'Let's Get Faded,' off of their joint effort, 'BAYTL.'

Gucci seemed as cool and reserved as one can be while surrounded by pouty models in body stockings. "'Faded' has the most club bounce to it," the rapper tells The BoomBox. "We wanted to make like, a sequel to 'Wasted,' because we had so much success with that song. I wanted to come back and try to recreate it."

White Girl Mob member V-Nasty -- usually very confident -- appeared a bit overwhelmed by all the activity between takes. The rap newcomer didn't crack a genuine smile until asked about the work process with Gucci. "We worked together on it in the studio most of the time. It's been great," she said, beaming. "Gucci Mane's my favorite rapper."

Rappers YC, Gorilla Zoe and Brick Squad representative Waka Flocka Flame were all in attendance along with the LP's executive producer Zaytoven, who fittingly claims both Atlanta and the Bay Area as home base. "I'm from San Francisco, so V-Nasty's right across the bridge," he explains. "With me having my first big song with Gucci Mane, 'So Icy' in Atlanta, then to be doing an album with somebody from the Bay... I even came up with the name 'BAYTL.'"

While Gucci Mane is a veteran at collaborative projects, V-Nasty is taking it all in stride, learning and enjoying every moment for what it is. "I feel like I've grown a lot actually," she admits. "He tells me a lot too. Like he keeps it real, and that's why I f--- with him."

Gucci Mane and V-Nasty's joint street album, 'BAYTL,' is available now through Warner Brothers Records.