Troubled rapper Gucci Mane continued his string of questionable decisions yesterday by making a $20,000 bet on a football game with Cash Money Records founder Birdman.

Gucci's erratic streak has included an arrest for driving on the wrong side of the road, receiving a mental health evaluation after declaring himself "mentally incompetent" to stand trial, and tattooing a triple-scoop ice cream cone on his face last week.

Early on Jan. 15, Gucci tweeted a message to his almost 400,000 followers, offering to bet anyone $20,000 that his hometown Atlanta Falcons would beat the Green Bay Packers during the NFL playoff game on Jan. 16.

"I got 20k on them dirty birds any body want this bet who like green bay," Gucci wrote.

Several hours later, Gucci announced that his bet had been met by Birdman, who owns Cash Moneywhich Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Drake are all signed to.

"My family @ jus hit me its a bet big dogg me with the birds stunna wit the pack let's go!!!!" he wrote. "Stunna took the bet my boy we bet everyweek and get it how we live."

Unfortunately, the Green Bay Packers thoroughly trounced Gucci's team last night, beating them 48-21. Gucci has yet to tweet since. There is no word as to wether he will be making good on his bet, or when.

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