Tyler, The Creator's superb 'Wolf' and Earl Sweatshirt's recent 'Doris' are proof of how Odd Future have progressed musically; they no longer rely on shock value like they did two years ago. But on the fashion front, the Cali kids haven't changed a bit.

OF's Golf Wang label have just released their Fall/Winter 2013 lookbook, and it's another fresh-to-death collection that looks like Tyler has taken the best of what streetwear has to offer and doodled all over it. Between polka dot prints, a "FAP" hoodie and a picture of a cat proudly plastered on every item, the line has that familiar silly feel to it.

But let's not discredit the actual style, because there's a whole lot of it. While many brands are shamefully adding to this "streetwear goth" mess, Golf Wang stick to their core skate-rat style with plain yet strong snapbacks, zebra-print socks and striped, soccer jersey-like tees.

Golf Wang's Fall/Winter 2013 collection drops Sept. 7.