Mark Ronson's new star-studded album, 'Record Collection,' doesn't land until October 5, but the hype cycle is already starting. Ronson is building on his first Q-Tip-featuring single 'Bang Bang Bang' with a new track called 'Lose It (In The End)' that has a rare guest spot from Ghostface Killah.

'Lose It (In The End),' like the rest of the album, was recorded in Brooklyn at Dunham studios. The track was co-written by songwriter Jonathan Pierce of The Drums, but Ghost steals the spotlight over the track's bedrock of '60s psychedelia and oddball spaghetti western orchestration.

"My vocals sound so small next to Ghostface -- literally dwarfed when he comes in," explained Ronson in a recent interview. "But I wanted that song to sound like The RZA sampling a Turtles record and putting a breakbeat on it." That description would be accurate, and Ghost, for his part, does what he does best. In his first verse, he talks tough love. "Yo, I keep my guards up when it comes to the women" turns into "Love shots hurtin' me/ Dr. Winslow says I need therapy."

Other guests on 'Record Collection' include D'Angelo and Wiley, as well as members of Duran Duran, Boy George, Scissor Sisters, Kaiser Chiefs and the London Gay Men's Choir.

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