We last heard Ghostface Killah riding solo on 2009's 'Ghostdeini: The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City' -- an album with an incredible title, but one that strayed from the iconic rapper's comfort zone as it was composed nearly entirely of R&B-tinged duets. Well, it looks like Ghost took a page from the recently rejuvenated Raekwon for his first single on the upcoming 'The Apollo Kids.' The album, which arrives Dec. 14 via Def Jam, is being previewed with a ferocious lead single entitled 'Together Baby.'

The track opens with an uninterrupted soul sample. It's notable in its lushness, sweet sentiment and old school feel. Of course, that's all before the actual beat drops and turns the whole song into a menacing Wu-Tang banger that would feel right at home on 'Ironman' or 'Supreme Clientele.' Ghost again reveals his unique charm on the mic, mixing battle rap, tough talk to the ladies and some mindbending wordplay while hardly taking a breath.

"Yo, I roll on b------ like a skateboard," he raps in the second verse. "Got a few friends that give they cake to wh----/ Me, that's a no-no/ Starks take control of the chick, then I go deep like Tony Romo/ Kick 'em right out and the day starts over/ Where I don't stop drinking and I can't stand sober/ In the morning when I wakeup I get up dressed to ill/ TD Bank is what I do with the mils/ Bracelet's Cuban/ Neck is on chill/ Polar bear ice/ I stay dressed to kill."

Check out 'Together Baby' over at Def Jam headquarters. It looks like 'The Apollo Kids' just came out of nowhere to be on the season's list of top contenders. Watch Ghostface and Raekwon go off at a recent NYC club gig after the jump.