One reason to tune in to the upcoming season of VH1's 'Couples Therapy' will be the surprise appearance of Ghostface Killah on the show. The Wu-Tang rapper has released an album ('Twelve Reasons to Die') and has seen his clan at the center of speculation due to the delayed Wu-Tang twentieth anniversary release and the upcoming remix to Drake's 'Wu-Tang Forever.' Ghostface will begin next year as a reality television subject.

Ghostdini looks like he's going through it on the recently released 'Couple Therapy' promo. He and his girlfriend, songwriter/model Kelsey Nykole, are seen arguing when Ghostface yells, "You're not the only chick that I do that with." Nykole then storms out saying, "OK, then f---this."

Of course, the trailer doesn't reveal what's the "that" Ghostface is referring to. Hopefully it's not anything close to the situation he touches on in 'Back Like That,' which sounds a lot better in song than in reality.

In another scene, Nykole is seen throwing her drink at a seated Ghostface, which is something the rapper is probably not going to take too kindly .

The season premiere of 'Couples Therapy' is on Jan. 2 at 9 p.m. ET