Known for his gritty guitar licks and bluesy voices, Gary Clark Jr. slows things down even more on his new ballad, 'Please Come Home.'

Enlisting the help of R&B singer and songwriter Alice Smith, the song has a '50s doo wop feel that brings you back to the days of Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers. Using more of his falsetto vocals throughout the track, 'Please Come Home' shows the softer side of Clark. And even though there's still his signature electric guitar playing in the background, it's blends in with the rest of the track instead of becoming a focal point of the song.

"My love is with you / Even though you're far away / You make me love you / And it's where my love will stay, darlin'" he croons on the first verse.

As Clark shows his affection for the lady in the song, which in this case is Smith, she returns the sentiment by singing, "Those times I get lonely / You're the one who truly knows me / I can tell in the way you talk / Oh, you show me."

'Please Come Home' is the latest single off Clark's upcoming mixtape, 'Black and Blu: The Mixtape,' available to download on April 30.

In January, he released the first single, which was a reworked version of 'Black and Blu' and featured Big K.R.I.T.

Listen to Gary Clark Jr.'s 'Please Come Home featuring Alice Smith